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I'm Secretly A Hoarder

Yes, it's true. I love (and maybe hoard) books and online courses. I've read and done courses on everything from chore systems to homeschool organization to making fermented foods. When I excitedly tell my husband about my latest endeavor, he just rolls eyes and says, "Hmm. That's nice."

I don't regret my obsession. While I realize that I've learned a lot, it's also taken up A LOT of my time! Also, while the instructors and authors are usually super talented, often only a small percentage of what they teach is actually applicable to my situation.

Why am I airing my dirty laundry here? To let you know that it is possible to figure out all this career, at-home schooling, non-disaster home-keeping, food, exercise "stuff" on your own, but it takes a good bit of time. I've spent years on it.

If you are short on time and thinking about taking an online course or reading a book, I would recommend you consider the following:

  • Will this information translate well to my situation, or are the ideas pretty specific and possibly not a good fit?

  • Is this book or course so general/theoretical that it's not actionable?

  • What is my time and monetary investment?

  • Will I really do this course or read this book, or do I just like the idea of having this information? (This is the kicker for me! Sometimes I use information as a way to reduce uncertainty and anxiety, but that's another story for another day.)

If you don't feel like you have the luxury of endless time and one-size-fits-all solutions, let me offer you a different idea. What if you let the "information hoarder" aka me, come along side you and use what I've learned and experienced to help you fast track your progress toward a workable daily rhythm, protecting your wellness, and helping you love your life? If this option sounds intriguing, let's discuss personalized options to make your year a great one.

All My Best,


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