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About Kate


  Hey there!  I'm Kate!  I'm a Certified Life Coach, Behavior Change Specialist, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, American Council on Exercise Personal Trainer, Group Fitness Instructor, and Senior Fitness Specialist. 



  My guess is that you're visiting this page because you're wondering,"Hey, can this chick relate to me, or what?!" 



  While I am passionate about fitness, nutrition and a lifestyle that promotes well-being.  I am also a homeschooling mom of 5 cool kids.  Many commitments within and outside my home keep me juggling all day.  

  Through life coaching, I help people get "unstuck" by changing the thoughts and beliefs that aren't working for them.  We can have all the beautiful health and fitness habits in the world, but if our mindset holds us back, we're not living life to the fullest.  When we can work with thoughts, we can transform emotions and outcomes.    

  I do a lot of home cooking to feed my big family, but I try to keep my recipes quick and simple.  I also cook foods that are nutritions but kid-friendly because I cook one meal for everyone (not one adult meal and one for the kids!).  Through studying at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I realize wellness is so much more than what we eat!  It's about lifestyle, stress management, and relationships. 


   I fit my workouts in around nap schedules, and I often have kids jumping on me while I am working out.  I realize that you probably don't have two hours a day to work out, so I've designed workouts that can easily fit into your lifestyle.  


  I am not a 20-year-old cutie pie showing off my midriff and looking well-rested (ha ha).  I'm 43, and I have the joints of a person who has been active all her life.  I appreciate the importance of safe form, balancing muscle groups, and proper alignment.  


  I have experienced painful exercise, and I want to use everything I've learned so that you can exercise PAIN FREE! I also realize that many women aren't comfortable doing high-impact, jumping, bouncing exercise.  I can deliver effective workouts without all the high-impact! 


  Rest assured, even if you see that we have nothing in common, I am here to listen to you, to learn about your lifestyle, preferences, strengths and weaknesses.  Trajectory Wellness is about serving YOU and helping you achieve YOUR goals.




Certifications and Education

Certified Life Coach 

Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

American Council on Exercise Certifications
  • Group Fitness Instructor (since 2001)

  • Personal Trainer certification (since 2004) 

  • Senior Fitness Specialist (since 2017)

  • Behavior Change Specialist (2021)


Additional Certifications
  • Sport Yoga

  • Spencer Pilates

  • Lifestyle Fitness Coach

Additional Studies
  • Safety and Injury Prevention

  • Longevity Wellness

  • Sports Nutrition

  • Exercise and Pregnancy

  • Exercise and Women's Health Issues

  • Interval Training

  • Strength Training

  • Workout Periodization

  • Kickboxing


ACE Certified
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